The Tennis TV app is available to watch in select cars from the Volkswagen Group, including select Audi models plus more models in the near future. 


What cars and models support the Tennis TV app? 


The Tennis TV in-car app is available in the Group Application Store for: 


  • The latest Audis: A4, A5, A6, A7, A8, Q5, Q7, Q8, e-Tron and e-Tron GT. 
  • The new Audi Q6 e-Tron from August 2024  
  • With other models from the Volkswagen Group to follow later in 2024. 


How do I watch the Tennis TV app in my car? 


In order to watch the ATP Tour in your car head to the Group Application Store within your entertainment system, download the Tennis TV app and log in with your Premium or registered account to watch. 


The app will give you access to all of the Tennis TV video content within your entertainment system, including up to 2,500 matches a year plus full replays, match highlights, classic matches dating back to 1990 and more.