We're sorry to hear you are having issues accessing the Tennis TV app. There could be a few reasons behind this, so please check the following:

1) Is your username and password correct?

Please check your username and password. Remember, this is your Tennis TV username and password and not the password to your Apple/Google Play account.

If you subscribed before December 2021 and have not yet reset your password, please follow the instructions on the Tennis TV website.

2) Are you logged in already?

Check to see you are logged in via My Account. If it says log out and you can see My Account, you are logged in.

If you are logged in and there is no subscription on your device (you cannot access our content) you need to buy a Tennis TV Premium subscription.

However, if you have already paid for a subscription and still can’t access our content, you may need to Restore your subscription.

If you need further assistance, please contact help@tennistv.com