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There are two ways to watch ATP tennis on Amazon if you are in the UK and Ireland.

Amazon Prime Video 

Tennis TV 

The two services are completely separate, although they show broadly similar tennis content.


How much does each option to watch ATP tennis cost?
- Prime Video: There are various price points and free trials available. You can also subscribe to Prime Video separately. As well as the tennis, a subscription gives you access to a wealth of series and films.
-Tennis TV is £9.99 per month or £89.99 per year for UK customers. Tennis TV covers every ATP tournament.

Do I need the Tennis TV app to watch ATP tennis on Amazon?
- No, you can watch on Prime Video, but you need a Prime Video subscription.

I am a Tennis TV subscriber, can I log in to watch the tennis on Amazon Prime Video?
- No, you don’t get access to Prime Video unless you are a Prime Video customer

I am an Amazon Prime Video customer, can I watch on Tennis TV instead?
- No, Amazon Prime Video subscribers do not get automatic access to Tennis TV subscriber benefits.

Is everything that is on Tennis TV available on Amazon Prime Video?
- While Prime Video and Tennis TV offer similar coverage for ATP Masters 1000s and 500s, Tennis TV offers more ATP 250 tournaments and a rich archive of classic matches.

Is everything that is on Amazon Prime Video available on Tennis TV?
- Whilst Prime Video offers US Open coverage, Tennis TV will not be showing any live coverage from the US Open or the other grand slam events. Amazon Prime also has its own presenting and studio team at major tournaments like Indian Wells. Plus Prime Video has a wealth of films and video on-demand unique to Tennis TV.

Can I watch ATP matches on my Amazon Fire Stick or Tablet if I am not an Amazon Prime customer or if I am outside the UK & Ireland?
- Yes, the Tennis TV service is available globally. You need to download the Tennis TV app for Amazon Fire TV or Amazon Fire Tablet and subscribe to Tennis TV.